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Have you even been to Vegas? Have you Ever drifted a car on purpose? Are you interested in knowing what the world has done before you? Then play Never Have I ever online and add to our voter’s list. Every month we use the list of answers and display on our reports page based on your location. So subscribe for those updates.

What is Never Have Ever


never have i ever had a same sex experience


It’s actually pretty simple. Just answer a bunch of questions and let us know your location. We’ll do the rest. We do not record any personal information so no need to worry about privacy. Below are some example questions:

Never Have I Ever bathed in the sea
Never have I ever had dessert for dinner.
Never have I ever had sushi.
Never have I ever eaten a whole box of Little Debbie snack cakes by myself.
Never have I ever bought something other than ice cream from Dairy Queen.
Never have I ever made homemade pizza.
Never have I ever made a bowl of cereal out of only the marshmallow pieces.
Never have I ever been to a restaurant from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.
Never have I ever pretended to have my own cooking show.
Never have I ever eaten more than 3 hot dogs in one sitting.
Never have I ever eaten an entire box of cookies in one sitting.
Never have I ever eaten an entire bag of chips in one sitting. (You can never have just one!)
Never have I ever been to a pig roast.
Never have I ever been to Disney

Why add to our Database?



Peter helps Paul and Paul helps all! Not biblically accurate but you get the point. Vote only once please to keep results as accurate as possible. So get started and give us some feedback on our Google+ page. For any more information feel free to Contact US here at Export-Import Tunes.

Play as a group

A cool new drinking game. Never Have I Ever been to London if you have then its time to drink! Play the dirty versions of this game with an especially scandalous person. Guaranteed to get them drunk in a Jiffy (don’t let them drive home). Of course, this is but only one way to utilize this platform but be assured another game mode can be created. So be creative but most importantly, get started.

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